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Promotion Through Web Directories

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Promotion through web directories is crucial for anyone who wants to obtain maximum exposure for their website. Web directories are often confused with search engines by novice webmasters, but they actually offer a totally different service that requires an independent promotional approach. A web directory provides end-users with an ordered list of websites which are categorised according to a number of defined criteria, in contrast to search engines and their keyword based approach. While the final results page of a web directory may look very similar to that of a search engine, it is important to remember that the method of obtaining these results through selectable criteria is distinct.

Web directories offer Internet users a unique browsing service, with a unique categorisation approach that requires a different style of promotion. Unlike the search engines, where software robots and spiders do the majority of work linking websites with user search queries, directories require personal submission by individual webmasters. The initial categorisation of a website during the submission process is very important from a promotional point of view, as it is through browsing these individual categories that end-users find out about specific websites. After the initial categorisation by the person submitting the site, most of the larger directories also inspect and edit individual category information in order to cut down on inappropriate listings.

The registration process for web directories is normally quite straightforward, although it does differ from the process of registering with the search engines. Refinement of the categorisation process is the key to effective web directory promotion, so it makes sense to study the list of categories offered by the different directories and work out where your website fits in best. Along with the categorisation of each website, the submission process also normally requires a site description, website URL, contact information, and payment details. While some directories do offer a free service to their users, most of the popular large directories require that a fee based contract is entered into.

Along with the search engines and the commercial online advertising networks, web directories are another crucial aspect to online promotion. The key to using web directories in an effective and efficient manner lies in choosing the right directories for each particular website, along with creating listings in the right categories within each particular directory. A listing in the popular web directories is a great way to get more traffic to your website, and can be used in connection with other forms of online promotion for a well rounded campaign.



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